Sedation Dentistry in Collierville

Sedation Dentistry – Relaxed and Comfortable Dentistry in Collierville

When people avoid the dentist, it’s usually because they’re afraid of pain from the exams, drilling, or even the process of getting anesthesia itself!

Sneed Dental Arts offers a range of methods to keep you free of pain and anxiety. Nitrous oxide is a gas you inhale that almost immediately relaxes and makes you drowsy. For more involved or lengthy procedures, Dr. Sneed may recommend IV sedation. Dr. Sneed has taken additional training and is certified to administer IV sedation to both adults and children.

If pre-visit jitters are getting to you, the Doctors at Sneed Dental Arts can prescribe a mild, oral sedative to take one or two hours beforehand. While it doesn’t make you feel “doped up,” you will arrive relaxed and anxiety free. You will need someone to bring you to your appointment and drive you home if you’ve had oral and/or IV sedation. With nitrous oxide, you’ll recover in just a few minutes once we stop delivering the gas.