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Sneed Dental Arts Accepts Most Major Dental Insurance

Sneed Dental Arts Accepts Most Major Dental Insurance Delta Dental, Cigna Dental, and Humana Dental Insurance.

At Sneed Dental Arts, we strive to provide excellent dental care to our patients. Setting our standards above the rest in not only in the quality of care we provide but the overall knowledge in all aspects of the dental office. We are always continuing our education by staying up to date on current health trends, newest dental materials and always changing insurance coverage and policies. At Sneed Dental Arts, we understand that there is more to your overall dental care than drilling and filling your tooth.

Dental insurance, like most insurance is always changing. Knowing the right questions to ask and what to look for in a dental insurance policy can be very confusing. We have researched some of the top 3 insurance companies that are in-network. The top 3 insurance companies are Delta Dental, Cigna and Humana.

Cigna Dental is known as the “Best Overall”. Cigna is a health service company with an, “A” rating. Their dental plans work within a nationwide network of over 90,000 dentists. Cigna Dental offers insurance plans for individuals and families with no copays and no deductibles for preventive care with in-network dentists.

Pros with Cigna:

  • You can purchase a plan that includes coverage for restorative (fillings) care and orthodontic care (braces and Clear Correct).
  • All Cigna Dental Insurances covers preventive care (cleanings and exams) with no deductibles or copayments.
  • Broad network of 90,000 dentists nationwide are available.

Cons with Cigna:

  • A waiting period of six months applies to basic care and 12 months for major care and orthodontics. (This means that you can see a dentist in-network for a cleaning and exam with no waiting period, but you must wait 6 months before having any fillings done and 12 months before any crown, bridge or implant procedures can be performed as well as any orthodontics.
  • Dental implants and cosmetic procedures are not covered.

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental provider networks and Sneed Dental Arts is a proud provider as well. Dr. Sneed is among the 348,000 dentists that are in-network providers for Delta Dental. Delta Dental also has an “A” plus rating. While plans vary from state to state, Delta Dental offers several different types of plans. The standard PPO plan for example, covers 50% of orthodontics for children and adults. A deductible applies as does a $1,500.00 yearly maximum. (This simply means that Delta Dental will pay 50% of orthodontics up to 1,500.00 max). Insurance plans change and update without notice. Please review your dental insurance.

Pros with Delta Dental:

  • Some Delta Dental plans include orthodontic care
  • No out-of-pocket cost for preventive care
  • Large network of providers

Cons with Delta Dental:

  • Annual maximum benefits amounts are low
  • Orthodontic care is only covered at 50%


Another in-network insurance company that Sneed Dental Arts works with is Humana. Humana offers plans at varying price points that can make sense for consumers with unique dental care needs. Human also has an “A” plus rating.

Pros with Humana:

  • Plans include preventive care at 100% coverage
  • Humana works with over 270,000 dentists nationwide
  • Choose a plan that meets your budget and unique needs

Cons with Humana:

  • Annual maximums can be as low as $1000.00
  • Waiting periods of 6 to 12 months for basic and major services apply to some plans

With Humana you receive value pricing and provision for 100% of preventive care. Policies may vary from state to state. Some of Humana dental policies offer a lifetime deductible, usually $50.00 for individuals and $150.00 for family, while other plans charge a yearly deductible. Maximum benefit amounts for this coverage can range from $1000.00 to unlimited depending on the policy you choose. Waiting periods can range from 6 months for basic services and 12 months for major services.

As explained in detail with each one of Sneed Dental Art’s In-Network insurance providers, it is very important to read all the details of the policy. Out of pocket maximums, deductibles, and waiting periods are just a few of the verbiage that are key when picking the right policy for you and your family. At Sneed Dental Arts, we believe knowledge is power and we are here to answer any questions you may have and help you get the right coverage that can set you on the path to your overall dental wellness and health.

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